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Brand : Gramicid-C

Description :

GRAMICICD-C the cooling tower biocide is basically formulated for Biocidal, Fungicidal and Algaecidal action which acts on Salmonella, Legionella growth so as to prevent bio-filming.
It also reduces power consumption by increasing efficiency of the system and functionality, prevents water contamination and improves heat loss for proper cooling.

This Multicomponent Cooling Tower chemical is now a product that has high demand in the industries like Food & Beverage, Dairy & Ice-Cream, breweries etc. with best results then expected.

GRAMICID-C is specifically meant for the control and prevention of microbiological growth in both open as well as closed circuit systems.

GRAMICID-C is a very effective Algaecide and Bactericide which controls and removes the micro-organisms and algae in recirculating water consumed in cooling towers

Legionella is relatively resistant to standard water disinfection procedures, however GRAMICID-C destroys Legionella that is found in cooling towers, fountains, pool, ducts, AC, AHU decorative water bodies, garden sprinklers, dust control sprinklers, fire tanks and water tanks.

NOTE: – COOLING WATER ALGAE CONTROL can be done by adding GRAMICID-C directly to the cooling water system.

Features :

  • Low dosing and most economical
  • Prevents Scaling & Fouling
  • Prevents Bio corrosion and Chemical corrosion
  • Good dispersant
  • Even accidentally excessive quantities do not harm the system
  • Reduces power consumption by increasing efficiency of the system
  • No need to use acid to bring down the pH to neutral level
  • Reduces the plant shut down time
  • Totally Eco-friendly & Biodegradable and hence does not pose any concern for the discharge of waste water.

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