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Brand : GRAMCID-22

Description :

GRAMICID-22 the Boiler Chemical depends on the latest technology which is advanced, Filming Amine-Based 3 in 1 Boiler Chemical that works as a Sludge Conditioner; Scale Inhibitor and Oxygen Scavenger and also maintains the alkalinity of water.
It is a combination of Polyamine film forming compound, Neutralizing Amine, Alkalizing Amine, Complexing agent, Oxygen Scavenger & Dispersing Agent which inhibit the scale formation in system which minimizes the Silica fouling.
GRAMICID-22 forms a physical barrier to prevent the contact of metal surface with Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Corrosion products & scale forming ions, thus inhibits deposition as well as corrosion for boiler water system.
High thermal conductivity of Amine film and clean surface of heat transfer area of boiler saves energy.

Literature : GRAMICID-22

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