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Composition : Hydrogen Peroxide & Silver complex based

An alarming percentage of fresh produce perishes long before it reaches consumers.
Most of this accounted for by either natural degradation caused by bacterial infection or mould & non-availability of good storage and transportation linkages.
These losses could be minimized by suitable post-harvest measures to increase shelf life by inhibiting bacterial and mould growth.
Mere washing of fruits and vegetables after harvest may simply redistribute organisms from infected to healthy produce.
Conventional Approach Washing with fungicides/chemicals may leave bad taste, odour & desirable residual toxicity on the produce which can lead to consumer rejection.
GRAMICID AGRO is an eco-friendly and Non-Toxic, economical solution for all the above problems.
Applied soon after the harvest GRAMICID-AGRO assures farm-fresh appearance, original taste & quality even after prolonged transportation and local and export marketing.


Composition : Hydrogen Peroxide & Silver complex based.

GRAMICID-FLORA is used for both pre-harvest and post-harvest.

Ethylene (C2H4) Inhibition:
Inhibits ethylene action which delays the senescence/ageing in plants.
Vascular Plugging:
Prevents vascular plugging caused by microorganisms and maintains the water uptake by which the flowers remain fresh for a long time.
Prophylactic Action:
Controls major bacterial & fungal diseases & increases the plants resistance to diseases.
Ethylene (C2H4) Inhibitions:
Prevents premature withering by suppressing ethylene action in the post-harvest phase, thus increasing the vase life of cut flowers.
Productivity Increase:
By clearing the blockage in the vascular system of plants, thereby increasing the uptake of water and nutrients.
Anti- Senescence Properties:
Delays the cell degradation in flowers, which results in longer colour retention of the petals.
Promotion Of Balanced Growth:
Prevention in Bud Dropping: By inhibiting excessive ethylene levels in the atmosphere, thus preventing abscission of the leaves and buds.
Biocidal Activity:
Prevents post-harvest Bacterial diseases & fungal diseases
Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic and Widely Accepted: Completely biodegradable and has no toxic residue Pulsing Of Cut Flowers
Biocidal Activity: Prevents Microbial Infection: Aspergillus Niger, A flavus, Botrytis Cineria, yeasts and many more Disinfection Of Cold Storages & Shipping Containers.

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