Water Disinfectant

  • GRAMICID is used in Water disinfection to destroy microbiological contamination in natural or untreated water.
  •  GRAMICID is non-polluting. Its main component Hydrogen Peroxide does not pollute the effluent, as only Oxygen and water are formed H2O2 → H2O + O (nascent form).
  • No harmful by-products are produced when it decomposes.
  • Microorganisms are destroyed or deactivated, resulting in termination of growth and reproduction.


GRAMICID is used mainly in Drinking Water, DM Water, Preparation of purified water and Raw Water.

Key Feature:

  • Broad spectrum of biocidal activity.
  • Remains effective even at high temperatures and varying pH
  • Excellent Industrial Biocide
  • No resistance developed
  • Rapid disinfection
  • Non-pollutant and bio-degradable

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