SMBS is used as a preservative in the starch and food industry, for fermentation in the wine industry; as an antichlor in the chemical industry and as a redox catalyst in the acrylic fibre industry.

The product is also used as a reducing agent in the purification of aldehydes and ketones; in the manufacture of sulphonated oil and resin; for detoxification of cyanide in gold ore processing plants and in the manufacture of photographic chemicals.

Product specifications:

Formula: Na2S2O5
Synonyms • Sodium disulphite • Sodium pyrosulphite
Grade: This product is available in three grades: • Food • Technical
Applications: Food • As a preservative in fruits and starch • As an enzyme inhibitor in melanin formation (black and brown spots) Treatment of waste water As an antichlor and in the detoxification of cyanide and chromate Textile For bleaching wool and jute Gold mining To destroy cyanides Paper and pulp • For bleaching ground wood • As an antichlor
Packaging and transportation 25kg ,50Kg

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