U.S.Steriles is offering specialty “Membrane Cleaning Chemical” which is used for cleaning R.O membranes by removing and dispersing the deposited scale.

These chemical is used to remove inorganic scales of calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, magnesium, barium, strontium sulphate, fluoride, iron and silica.
The special features of our cleaning chemical are supremely system clean up, removes silica scale, oil & organic matter, low foaming, precise pH value, easy removal of soil.


  • Excellent system cleans up both for High & Low pH
  • Excellent control of carbonate, silicates, sulphate & iron fouling.
  • Compatible with all types of membranes
  • Effective scale inhibition
  • Low foam formulation.
  • Low Dosing and Cost Effective
  • High recovery rate
  • Easy to of use in recirculation method

U.S.Steriles offers you an entire range of products which includes

Gramicid-121 (Alkaline Base Cleaner)

Gramicid-122 (Acid Base Cleaner)

GRAMICID-124 (RO Biocide, Disinfectant, Removes Bacteria, Algae & Organic Growth)

Gramicid-Mp (Membrane Preservative)

Gramicid-Phb (Ph Booster)

Gramicid-125 (Dechlorination For RO)

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