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Composition : Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide & Silver

Gramicid is a complex formulation of processed silver, a noble metal and Hydrogen Peroxide.
Hydrogen Peroxide component of the complex gets decomposed to nascent oxygen and Hydroxyl Radical ensures rapid germ-killing effect.

Silver Ions present in the complex catalyses Hydroxyl radical to its highly reactive state which disrupts the inner cellular structure and accelerates inactivation of protein & enzymes, thus increasing the activity of the complex and ensures long-lasting effect.

GRAMICID has a very wide range of application and can be used wherever halogens, aldehydes, phenols, quats are being used.


Key Features :

  • Eco-Friendly & Bio-degradable
  • Broad spectrum of biocidal activity
  • Remains effective even at high temperatures and varying pH
  • Non-Carcinogenic and Non- Mutagenic.
  • Excellent Industrial Biocide
  • Rapid disinfection
  • Non-pollutant and bio-degradable
  • Universally used
  • Non staining
  • No irritation to skin or eyes
  • No alteration to taste of food / substances
  • Odour free
  • Long lasting effect

Area Of ApplicationHydrogen Peroxide Silver Nitrate

  • Water Disinfection : Disinfection of Drinking Water, DM Water, Preparation of purified water and Raw Water.
  • Surface Disinfection : It is used for surface disinfection e.g.  Floor and Walls, Stairs, tanks, manufacturing equipment, pipelines, containers etc.
  • Aerial Disinfection : Fogging and fumigation for aerial disinfection is commonly done in Operation Theatre, Research Lab, Critical Area, Food & Beverage Industry, Storage Area, Manufacturing Area, Parenteral Department etc

Major Industries using Gramicid :

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide in Mumbai


Gramicid Secure

100ppm Silver Accelerated with dilute Hydrogen Peroxide based formulation with added Stabilizers

Suitable for Hospital, Clinics, Laboratory, Offices for Air/ Water/ Surface disinfection

Download – Gramicid-Secure Literature

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Gramicid Protect

50ppm Silver Accelerated low concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide based formulation with added Stabilizers

Suitable for Vehicle, AC ducts, Hospitals, Clinics, use for Air/ Water/ Surface Disinfection.

Download – Gramicid-Protect Literature

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25ppm Silver Accelerated low concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide based formulation with added Stabilizers

Suitable for Household use like Vegetable, Fruits, Floor, Furniture, Vehicle Disinfection.

Download – Gramicid-Care Literature

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This uniquely designed Test kit is used to check Gramicid residue in water.

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Most advanced electrically operated SS316 ULV Fogger for aerial disinfection systems.

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