Polyelectrolyte (Anionic n Cationic)

Anionic Polyelectrolyte

  1. Anionic Polyelectrolyte is white colored free-flowing powder which is widely used in food processing, chemical, petrochemical, and dairy industries.
  2. It can also be used for destabilizing colloidal suspension by inducing flocculation & precipitation.
  3. This polyelectrolyte is required for stabilizing solutions and to impart desired characteristics.
  4. It is most commonly used for enhancing efficiency of filtration & clarification processing of sugar.
  5. Anionic Polyelectrolyte offered by us is compatible to be used for any pH conditions which make it suitable for paper making and wastewater & drinking water treatment industries.
  6. It is known to have ability to settle inorganic suspended solids.

Cationic Polyelectrolyte

  1. Cationic Polyelectrolytes  are used for charging polymers after dissociation in aqueous solution.
  2. They are known to play an important role in treatment of waste water by flocculating or precipitating suspended solids for their efficient removal.
  3. These polyelectrolytes also find application for stabilizing solutions and improving their flow characteristics.
  4. Some of Cationic Polyelectrolytes are water soluble in nature which makes them suitable to be used for medical & biochemical applications.
  5. They are known to have ion exchanging, conditioning, emulsifying, & dispersing ability depending upon purpose of their use.

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