metal treatment chemical

Metal Treatment Chemicals

We U.S.Steriles are manufacturers of Metal Treatment Chemical. It is formulated for the purpose of long term rust protection. It is solvent based product, made out of carefully selected additives, which offers cold rolled (galvanized) steel, tubes & pipes excellent corrosion protection in condensation & open shed conditions. It can be used for finished products like roofing’s, seamless tubes, conveyors & auto components, where long term rust protection is required in idle conditions

It generates neither smell nor taste, has no toxic effect and causes no corrosion. It is non-polluting. It is also used keeping tanks, pipeline etc. rust free.

  • METACOAT : a biodegradable, non pollutant  is formulated for the purpose of long term rust protection.
  • GRAM-PR : Gram-PR is a solvent based chemical having heavy duty paint removing capability it is used for removing automobile paints and synthetic paints
  • PREWELD : Its thin film acts as barrier between work piece and hot material and thus protects work-piece and equipment.Surplus PreWeld Welding Protection Spray vaporizes away on the hot surface of the work piece.
  • GRAM-SSC:  Formulation for stainless steel cleaning and removing of all type of scales & prevent corrosion in dairy, food & beverage industry.
  • GRAM-DRL: De-rusting solvent.
  • UNISOL : Solvent based de-oiling/de-greasing chemical for various industries including Engineering, Textiles, Hardware, Automotive, Adhesive, Electrical & Electronics, Paper & Ink industries, Metal industry & Vapour degreasing, etc.
  • GRAM-RC: Rust Converter is a phosphate based chemical. Gram-RC converts rust into protective black coating
  • GRAM-RPO: Rust Preventive Oil [Non Drying]for protection of metal.
  • GRAM-TC: Formulation for cleaning Oil tank and oil spill dispersion.
  • GRAM-NBL: Formulation for loosening Nut and bolt & rust remover product for general maintenance.
  • GRAM-CC: Carbon Removing chemical.
  • GRAM-DRH: Inhibited Phosphoric Acid based de-rusting compound.

PACKING: Available in 30 Kg and 50 Kg.