We are manufacturing different types of chemicals used in FOOD & BEVERAGE Industries, Factories etc. Our products used in FOOD & BEVERAGE industries are  FINEWASH LIQUID DETERGENTS &  GRAMICID ECOFRIENDLY BROADSPECTRUM DISINFECTANT  for different applications.Our chemical product used for hospital and clinic (Based on Peroxide-silver complex) effectively and completely destroys all microorganisms including viruses, spores, gram positive & gram-negative bacteria, E. Coli, bacteriophages, including legionella, salmonella, fungi, yeast, protozoa and biofilms. It does not develop any resistance. hospital & clinic chemical eliminates the need of halogen treatment (Cl, Br, I), phenols and aldehydes.Our Product is very effective for use of disinfectants which prevents health-care–associated infections. Surfaces are considered as noncritical items because they contact intact skin. Use of noncritical items or contact with noncritical surfaces carries little risk of causing an infection in patients or staff. Thus, the routine use of GRAMICID ECOFRIENDLY DISINFECTANT chemical to disinfect hospital floors and other noncritical items is controversial.
To meet the precise requirements of our clients, we are engaged in offering a qualitative range of Hospital & Clinic Chemical. The hospital & clinic chemical is highly effective in fighting against microbes, health hazard, irritant, pollutant, narrow spectrum and carcinogenic effects, and is used in healthcare sectors, laboratories, etc. This Hospital & Clinic Chemical is processed using exceptional grade ingredients and is known for its accurate composition, purity, non-toxicity and precise pH value.As you are aware the usage of any disinfectant is critically judged from the point of health hazard, irritant, pollutant, narrow spectrum and carcinogenic effects. After studying the various lacunae in the commonly available disinfectant formulations we at – U. S. Steriles has come up with a broadspectrum, versatile ecofriendly formulation to overcome the real threats from microbes.. Particularly the problem of sepsis, which is of prime importance to any hospital.


ROLE OF GRAMICID IN OPERATION THEATER (Fumigation): The present usage of a combination of Potassium permanganate and formaldehyde as a fumigant is highly a irritating, carcinogenic, time consuming and also a pollutant. This problem is totally solved by Gramicid. Gramicid spray @ 2-3% disinfects the room in ONLY 60 Min. The spray fumigation is to be conducted through ULV sprayer.

SURFACE DISINFECTION : Gramicid @ 1.0% can be used for Floor, walls and the operation table for complete elimination of microbes.

ADVANTAGES : Gramicid is an Eco-friendly formulation. It is odourless, tasteless, colourless, non-irritating, non-carcinogenic and broadspectrum disinfectant.

PACKING : Available in 30 Kg and 50 Kg.