SURFACE DISINFECTION GRAMICID can be used for disinfecting the tanks, manufacturing equipment, pipelines and containers @ 0.5% to 1%, contact time 2 to 5 min.
FLOOR and WALLS Mopping of floors & walls @ 0.5% to 1% conc. Contact time 5 minutes.
INDOOR AIR QUALITY (IAQ) The dosage should be strictly 3% to 5%. One Litre solution (containing 1000 ml  DM / Distilled water & 30 ml GRAMICID) is adequate 1500 cu. Feet area by use of ultra Low Volume Sprayer (Please use 100% plastic / S.S. made fogger).
FILTER STERLIZATION Inclusive of  R. O. Plants,  D.M. Plants, Sand,& Cartridge @ 200ppm to 500ppm conc. Contact time 15-30 minutes.
WATER DISINFECTION  GRAMICID when added to raw water @ 20ppm to 10ppm makes water disinfected. The GRAMICID treated water should then be passed through R.O. Plant or D.M. Plant. Contact time 15-30 minutes.
GENERAL DISINFECTION GRAMICID can be used for hand, feet,  and Gloves  disinfection @ 0.1% Contact time 1-2 minutes.Rubber & plastic sleeper 1% conc. Contact time 30 minutes.
NOTE:            Make solution of GRAMICID in DM water only.  Use  rubber hand gloves while handling the product