Gramicid-25 (Antiscalant)

GRAMICID-25 is a formulated with high quality and latest Antiscalant, Dispersants and Corrosion Inhibitor Specially for cooling tower water treatment, which completely ensures prevention of corrosion, Scales and biological fouling which is responsible for affecting the cooling tower functionality.

It is very highly effective on carbonate, silicates, sulphate salts of calcium, magnesium and sodium & iron fouling.

GRAMICID-25 can also be used as Antiscalant and Corrosion Inhibitor for oil field water treatment.
GRAMICID-25 is available in different specifications on customer’s demand.


Cooling Towers, Condensers, Cooling Water Heat Exchangers, Injection Moulding Machines, Blow Moulding Machines, etc.


  • Excellent thermal & hydrolytic stability.
  • High quality
  • Multi metal protection
  • Accurate composition
  • Prevention of corrosion, Scales and non-biological fouling by a single chemical
  • Working as a water softening agent
  • Most economical
  • Highly effective with  low dosing & Most Economical

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