Gramicid-102 ( High Silica Inhibition Antiscalant)

GRAMICID-102 is the Silica R.O Antiscalant specially designed to inhibit scale formation in the membrane separation system.

It is specially designed for silica control and silica fouling in the R.O membranes.

It is used for removing scale and fouling in the R.O system along with the high dispersion of silica on the wall surfaces of reverse osmosis system. The performance of R.O membrane gets negatively impacted due to suspended mineral scale, microorganisms and solids.

This Antiscalant is formulated by using quality ingredients meets the purpose of improvising the performance of R.O systems by supremely eliminating scale, corrosion, dispersed content and reduce operational shutdown time.


Physical state and appearance Light brown colour clear liquid
pH 4-5.5 pH
Specific Gravity about 1.142 +/- 0.02
Solubility Soluble in water

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