Chemtol works as a catalyst to improve burning efficiency of Fuel ( F.O. ,LDO, Diesel etc. ) with Green Burnt Technology. Chemtol is a concentrated combustion improver for heavy fuel oils. It has also fuel-conditioning properties.It Improves Combustion, reduces Carbon/Ash Deposit, Limits soot formation and smoke emission, Extend service life of engine components etc. Engine and exhaust system are kept cleaner with longer service life and less maintenance.It is completely oil soluble. It can be added directly to the setting tank or better still, it should be dosed automatically using a metering pump to dose into the fuel feed lines as near to the injector. Anti polymerization agents inhibits sludge formation, while dispersants stabilize the fuel. This results in cleaner fuel system and better fuel flow, giving improved fuel automisation and greater combustion efficiently. The conversion of fuel sulphur to potentially corrosive sulphur tri oxide gas is also inhibited.



  • Improves Combustion.
  • Reduces Carbon/Ash Deposit.
  • Cold end corrosion is reduced.
  • Limits soot formation and smoke emission.
  • Extended service life of engine components.
  • Overall improvement of fuel combustion and economy.
Fuel Additive Chemical

PACKING : Available in 30 Kg and 50 Kg.