Dairy Cleaning Chemical
Dairy Cleaning Chemical

Dairy Cleaning Chemical

SilvoKlean-MRS Milk stone remover & Sanitizer-Surfactant based acidic formulation for removal of scale deposits and sanitizing milking equipment & bulk milk tanks
SilvoKlean-A-500 Acidic Dairy Cleaner- A phosphoric acid based cleaner for Milking parlour, Machines & CIP tanks
SilvoKlean-S-100 Alkaline Dairy Cleaner-A concentrated alkaline cleaner for CIP, Floor & Milking parlour, Machines. Effectively removes milk fat, protein & carbohydrate stains
SilvoKlean-CFC Chlorine Free Alkaline Cleaner- Non Chlorinated alkaline cleaner for manual cleaning of dairy equipment, milk cans. Removes protein deposits & avoids film formation.