(A) GRAMICID-C (BIOCIDE)AN ECOFRIENDLY WAY TO SOLVE MULTIPLE PROBLEMS OF COOLING TOWERS, HEAT EXCHANGERS, CONDENSORS, COLD STORAGES, ICE FACTORIES WITH A SINGLE CHEMICAL.It works as a biocide to prevent all forms of water contamination. Thus, as an algaecide it facilitates optimum heat transfer, prevents bio-corrosion and energy loss.


  • Most Economical
  • It reduces Plant Shutdown time
  • brings the temperature down faster.
  • It is totally ecofriendly & Biodegradable.
  • It works as a biocide to prevent all forms of water contaminations.
  • It reduces power consumption by increasing efficiency of the system.
  • Prevents biofilming, due to Gramicis,which used as a base in the preparation of Gramicid – C.
  • Gramicid-C is Biocidal, Fungicidal, Algaecidal, effective on Ligeonella & Desulfo vibrio.
Cooling Tower Chemicals

(B) GRAMICID-25 (ANTISCALANT) AN ECOFRIENDLY WAY FOR CORROSION, SCALE & SILICA INHIBITOR. Gramicid – 25 is a combination of latest Antiscalent, Dispersants & Corrosion Inhibitor Specially formulated for Cooling tower water treatment.It works as an ANTISCALANT and CORROSION INHIBITOR. Gramicid-25 is used in Prevention of corrosion, Scales and non-biological fouling by a single chemical. It Affords multimetal protection.It has Excellent control of carbonate, silicates, sulphate & iron fouling. It has excellent thermal & hydrolytic stability.


  • Most Economical
  • Keeps heat transfer surface clean & optimizes heat transfer efficiency
  • Contains no toxic chemicals and can be discharged into effluent without any pollution problem
(C) GRAMICID-17 (DESCALANT) It is a formulated DESCALANT for scales removal from Cooling Towers, Boilers, Heat Ex-changers, Etc. Gramicid-17 is used as Descalant for scales removal from Cooling Towers, Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Etc.Offers uniform descaling. It is ideally suited for removal of scales from Cooling Towers, Boilers, Coils, Heat exchangers, Chillers and a wide range of heating and cooling systems.
PACKING : Available in packing of 30 Kg and 50 Kg.