Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals Manufacturers in India

A boiler creates steam and is utilized to drive turbines to produce power.Boilers are also used where steam or heat is required for Production. The steam decreased by the boiler is likewise utilized for different purposes including: Air Conditioning frameworks, warming high temp water, measure applications, driving steam motors and marine application. Enormous boilers are utilized for business, mechanical, utility and a lot more applications. Best water treatment chemicals manufacturers in India

Two kinds of boilers regularly utilized are

Firetube boilers wherein the burning gas passes inside the kettle cylinders and warmth is moved to water between the cylinders and the external shell.

Watertube Boilers wherein the heated water goes through the cylinders, while the fumes gases stay in the shell sides, ignoring the cylinder surfaces. Typically, watertube boilers are utilized where high steam pressures are required.


Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals Manufacturers in India

U.S.STERILES, is the Water Treatment Chemicals and Speciality Chemicals Manufacturer since 1996. It has made significant contributions to Water Treatment in India. We initiated the manufacturing of a unique disinfectant under the brand name of GRAMICID for water quality management. Within a time period of 2 decades, we have expanded our range with more specialty chemicals like RO Water Treatment chemicals, Boiler Chemicals, Cooling Tower Chemicals, & other maintenance chemicals.

We operate from our Vasai, Maharashtra office and manufacturing unit. Our authorized distributors help us serve Pan-India and exporters to Africa and Asia.

U.S.Steriles is in existence beholding a far-sighted vision of developing Eco-Friendly Disinfectants, water treatment Chemicals and specialty chemicals with the advanced facilities and ensured quality standards.
We believe in providing the customer with the best services and to their requirements and problems.


U.S.Steriles manufactures a range of specialty formulations having multiple applications in Industries:

Ro Water Treatment Chemicals
Cooling Tower Chemicals
Boiler Treatment Chemicals
Hospital Disinfectant
Water Treatment Chemicals
Agriculture Chemicals
Paper Chemicals
Water Mineral Additives
Swimming Pool Chemicals
Acid Inhibitors
Housekeeping Products
Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance Products
Bulk Chemicals

Our Company Information

Company Name-: US Steriles
Email Id-: info@ussteriles.com
Contact No-: 91-9870270223
Website-: www.ussteriles.com