U.S.STERILES manufactures Benzalkonium chloride (BKC) which is a wide-spectrum quaternary-ammonium antimicrobial agent and preservative used in multiple industries such as water treatment, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textile, oil and gas industry etc.

It is colourless to yellowish transparent liquid. It is extensively used in disinfectants and cleaner-sanitizer compositions for hospitals, food & dairy and personal hygiene sectors.


Industry Application
Water Treatment Used in water and effluent treatment plant as well as algaecides in swimming pools
Food Industry Used in manufacturing cleaner-sanitizers for dairy Industry, poultry farms, fisheries, food storage tanks etc.
Pulp & Paper Industry Provide effective slime control and odour removal working as a microbiocide. Also improves paper strength & antistatic properties.
Sanitizers As a sanitizer in detergents, as disinfectant in hospitals, fisheries, livestock and aquaculture
Coating Chemicals Emulsifying agent and preservative for Paints, Wood Treatment, Varnishes and lacquers.
Chemical Industry As precipitant, Phase Transfer Catalyst, Emulsifier/De-emulsifier,etc. It inhibits algae formation in cooling Towers.
Oil & Gas Demulsifying agent and sludge breaker for enhanced oil extraction. It restrains formation of sulphurous gases as well as provides exceptional corrosion inhibition in pipeline.
Horticulture Withstand action against Moos, Fungi & Algae as well as cleaning agents
Timber & Textile Industry Chloride free biodegradable fungicide, biocide and algaecide

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