Antiscalant Or Scale Inhibitor

GRAMICID-SI, Boiler Antiscalant helps to prevent deposition of calcium, iron and iron-oxide. It also aids in removal of existing scale from the water boiler.

U.S.Steriles provides a phosphate treatment for boiler antiscalant. It also contains corrosion inhibitor to form a film over the boiler surface.


  • Prevents scale formation
  • Inhibits sludge formed due to metal ions and metal oxide deposits
  • Keeps the boiler internals clean and minimizes down time for maintenance
  • Prevents corrosion by buffering pH
  • Compatible with other treatment chemicals
  • Introduces a passive film on the boiler surface to prevent corrosion
  • Completely biodegradable and organic chemicals
  • Enhances heat transferability and hence saves energy and increases productivity

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